Quick Tips to Extend Your Atomizer’s Life

Vape Atomizer

Along with a safer alternative to smoking, vaping allows consumers to save money. When you smoke cannabis, the majority of the herb is burned. Vaping is quite cheaper than smoking, and you can also make it more affordable. Vape juice and atomizer are the major expenses associated with vaporizing. In this post, we are going to discuss some quick tips to extend the life of an atomizer vape head.

How Long an Atomizer Head Last?

Usually atomizer heads last for about 14 days. Again, it depends on the consumer. Some are able to use it for up to a month while others need to replace it within a few days.

So, how to recognize a dead atomizer? If it’s giving an awful burnt taste, it means your atomizer is dead. Another sign is the muted flavor. Vaporization delivers delicious, crisp flavor, but when the atomizer is dead, it directly affects the taste. Leaks in the vape tank show that the coil isn’t screwed properly. If readjusting doesn’t help, chances are the coil is damaged, and it’s time to get a new atomizer.

Making Your Atomizer Last Longer

Prime Your Coil

When the wicking material of the atomizer isn’t properly soaked up with the juice, it will give you a horrible taste of burning the cotton. Also, it will affect the life of the atomizer head.

Turn Down The Power

So, do the power setting carefully. Remember, the power removes the juice from the wick and also the ability of the wick to soak up the juice. For thick juices, lower power settings may cause problems.

Many coils come with recommended power settings. So, read the guidelines carefully to reduce the risks of coil damage.

Avoid Chain Vaping

What’s the solution? Turn off the vaping device for some time. Also, you can take shallower puffs; this will put less strain on the atomizer vape head, thus extending its life.

Maintain The Juice Level

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